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SAP CONCUR USER? Groupize is the ideal meeting management platform, fully integrated with SAP Concur.
SAP Concur

Visibility, Savings & Automation On Every Meeting & Event

Duty of Care

Know where all your attendees are at all times across the globe. Communicate instantly across the organization.

User Experience

Control your branding and policies. Uplevel your attendee experience with organization, care and communication.

Risk Mitigation

Visibility into who's signing contracts, approving budgets, travel arrangements and more. A centralized solution for gatherings organization wide.


Upwards of 10-20% savings in hotel, venue, car & air global sourcing, labor costs and risk mitigation.


Save an average of 26 hours sourcing, crafting, managing & reporting per event.


Control and protect your data. Groupize has GDRP, PCI DSS and PIl to secure your data.

Built For meetings & events of all sizes

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Events Made Easy

Why settle for legacy, complicated or fragmented systems? Enjoy a more modern, easy-to-use platform that is flexible and affordable enough to meet your company’s entire continuum of meetings and events – regardless of size and complexity.

Stay Organized at Every Touchpoint

From sourcing to registration to travel to spend and duty of care – we make the difficult simple, the unknown known, and put an end to tedious tasks.

For All Your Event Planning Needs

  • Stay organized with hundreds of details – track and communicate instantly with attendees 
  • Stay within budget – do more every year with the same or less budget
  • Create memorable meeting and event experiences that match the brand promise of my company
  • Ensure compliance with company rules
  • Drive revenue and ROI
Groupize dashboard

We're an early adopter of Groupize and this continues to speak to the evolving product, the SAP Concur connection, the outstanding customer service, and the ease of use for both the planner and end-user!

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Optimize Your Program

Comprising meeting planning, registration & attendee management, event delivery, spend management, and reporting features, the robust Groupize application gives teams the flexibility to customize each event without sacrificing centralized spend controls and visibility. Teams can easily manage the full spectrum of their meetings and events programs before, during, and after the event.

Be Your Organization's Hero

Groupize helps you to do more with less.

  • Competitive bids on global inventory of hotels, air, car & venues
  • Prioritizing preferred rates to drive savings
  • Company standard T’s and C’s and policies
  • Manage profiled & non-profiled travelers
  • Get detailed reporting on key metrics

For All Your Travel & Meetings Needs

With remote teams, distributed workforces and a return to in-person events, companies are seeing their meetings programs expand rapidly – while the resources to organize all those events are shrinking. Groupize enables companies to cost-effectively redesign their meetings programs with a modern platform that tosses the hassles of legacy meeting tech overboard. Seamless integrations to SAP Concur make travel and expense tracking a breeze, so procurement, finance, and risk management teams stay happy.


Finally, I can get all of our meetings and events all under travel, this is fantastic! We have been trying to get the visibility on spend for years!

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Logistics & Planning

It’s a time-consuming process to set up and manage travel/repeat stays for your project teams and consultants. Groupize simplifies the sourcing of project team hotel stays – in an easy-to-use, affordable, web-based platform fully integrated into Concur Travel. Effectively manage the logistics of project teams and crews who are on the road with engagements every week. Meet P&L budget goals and keep your field resources as happy as possible as road warriors.

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Effortless Planning

Groupize makes managing a distributed workforce effortless, including: recruiting, onboarding, training, internal meetings, company retreats, and other employee team building and company culture engagement events.

Be Prepared for Anything

Centralize the entire sourcing process for all events, including contracts, risk exposure and future meetings statuses. Maximize efficiencies and time savings by centralizing and automating processes. Advanced reporting on all your activity ensures compliance and protects the health and safety of your team and attendees.

Stay In The Know

Know where your people are, especially while traveling and in need of more information than what airport your people have landed at. Keep everyone safe, secure while traveling and communicate to them in an emergency.

  • Easily identify your company’s preferred suppliers who have been vetted with health and safety protocols
  • Trace contact for employees and stakeholders

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10x ROI & Savings

Now you can track and centralize all your event costs, create efficient workflows, and standardize processes for all your company’s travel, meetings and events.

Control Spend

Groupize is the modern, all-in-one platform that empowers teams to control meeting spend and mitigate risk by consolidating all enterprise activity into one single application, so teams can save time and money on running their meetings programs.

Organization Wide Security & Adoption

With enterprise-grade data security coverage, including ISO27001 and PCI DSS certification, GDPR compliance, and SSO support, security and risk management teams can rest assured that meetings programs meet all standards. With happy customers from some of the largest fortune 500 enterprise clients to high-growth mid-market companies, Groupize is proud to be the partner of choice for a modern meetings program.

Thank God we found Groupize and their integration to SAP Concur. Our previous solution (and the one before that) certainly couldn't support what we're trying to do. It is now possible for professional planners and executive admins to use the same tool!

Why Customers Love Groupize

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Savings on Meetings & Events


Ease of use, pricing designed for organization wide adoption, impeccable support, 3x better SAP Concur integration than what other solutions offer, including passing security with our real time two way integration & more. 

The vision of two travel & meeting management veterans with over 57 years of combined service industry experience has created a meeting and event management platform like no other. Groupize has revolutionized the industry; from the user-first functionality of the platform to the cutomer first customer service, onboarding & implementation and success managers. Organizations find upwards of 10% ROI & savings. Leadership can rest at ease with Groupize’s inherent duty of care and global visibility.  

Customer first is our DNA. A support ticket takes 3 minutes to get a response and you can chat with us within 32 seconds. Groupize puts the needs of our customers first. 

Click Here to Watch: Where Does Your Customer-First Philosophy Stem From?

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Groupize eliminates the cost and complexity of bloated legacy meeting technology. One license can be implemented organization wide. 

Yes, not every solution that integrates with SAP Concur is equal. Groupize is the preferred solution partner of SAP Concur, offering real time two way, group air, guest travel, self service, and more. Groupize is the only security approved solution when integrating SAP Concur.

To see a full list of benefits and other industry integrations visit our product integrations.

Meetings and events of all sizes. From a meeting of 10 to 19,000, Groupize has you covered. There are two companies in the world that are true all in one solutions for any meeting and event and we’re one of them, but we do it in style! Ease of use, organization wide adoption and duty of care.

Yes, Groupize handles meetings and events across the globe. Our global visibility on organization wide meetings and events is unparalleled to none. 



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