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Groupize is the preferred meetings management solution for SAP Concur, with industry leading integration to SAP Concur Travel, extending an investment in Concur into Groups, Meetings and Events. – Learn More

SAP Concur

Digitizing the lifecycle of any event for Savings, Efficiencies and Visibility

Every meeting has a before, during and after and managing organization wide meetings on a global scale can feel like juggling cats. Groupize, built on consumer DNA, eliminates the cost and complexity of bloated legacy meeting technology. One solution for all – small and large events, internal and external meetings, easy to use for occasional planners and robust functionality for professional planners.

Spend Visibility

Organization-wide spend tracking and policy configuration | Centralized reporting & analytics for all teams, all meetings | Stop overspending

Compliance Confidence

Duty of Care | Risk Mitigation | Data Security: ISO27001 and PCI DSS Certified | GDPR & Data Privacy Compliant | Contract Signature Workflows | HCP Validation

Cost Control

Flexible Pricing Plans | Venue Sourcing | Ticketing Fee & Travel Cost Savings | Spend Consolidation

Productivity Gains

Efficiency Through Automation | Workforce Optimization | Achieve More Despite Reduced Staffing: ~26 Hours saved per event

Attendee Experience

Consumer-first design | Purpose-built for superior event experience


Ease of use, pricing designed for organization wide adoption, impeccable support, 3x better SAP Concur integration than what other solutions offer, including passing security with our real time two way integration & more. 

The vision of two travel & meeting management veterans with over 57 years of combined service industry experience has created a meeting and event management platform like no other. Groupize has revolutionized the industry; from the user-first functionality of the platform to the cutomer first customer service, onboarding & implementation and success managers. Organizations find upwards of 10% ROI & savings. Leadership can rest at ease with Groupize’s inherent duty of care and global visibility.  

Customer first is our DNA. A support ticket takes 3 minutes to get a response and you can chat with us within 32 seconds. Groupize puts the needs of our customers first. 

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Groupize eliminates the cost and complexity of bloated legacy meeting technology. One license can be implemented organization wide. 

Yes, not every solution that integrates with SAP Concur is equal. Groupize is the preferred solution partner of SAP Concur, offering real time two way, group air, guest travel, self service, and more. Groupize is the only security approved solution when integrating SAP Concur.

Meetings and events of all sizes. From a meeting of 10 to 19,000, Groupize has you covered. There are two companies in the world that are true all in one solutions for any meeting and event and we’re one of them, but we do it in style! Ease of use, organization wide adoption and duty of care.

Yes, Groupize handles meetings and events across the globe. Our global visibility on organization wide meetings and events is unparalleled to none. 



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