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The Groupize Difference

Strategic Meetings Management

Distributed workforces, maverick spending, frustrated planners and attendees, no visibility and endless risk; Managing organization-wide meetings on a global scale can feel like juggling cats.

What if organizations could unify travel, spend, compliance and experience for meetings and events of all sizes?

Welcome to Groupize!

The solution of choice for modern meetings management. From internal meetings to large projects, Groupize has you covered. An All-In-One platform unifying travel, spend, & compliance


Manage Events Of Any Type:

Small & Day Meetings


Group Air

Internal & Incentive Meetings

Trainings & Workshops

Projects & Crews

Trade Shows


Life Science

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Common Questions

Companies choose Groupize for many reasons, often value, innovative features, breadth of use cases, service, business model and commitment to partnership. It’s often a combination of what we do and what we don’t do.

Groupize helps companies that are looking for a better way to manage meetings and group travel, those that are tired of the status quo and tired of overpaying for technology that underperform.

Groupize drives savings, efficiencies and better meetings.

Groupize was built from the ground up as a self-service solution for group travel and meeting management.  As an easy to use, easy to access solution, we are the only event tech than can be rolled out to anyone in an organization. But don’t let the ease of use fool you, Groupize is a powerful solution with eight modules and over 275 features.   

Organizations choose Groupize for functionality, ease of use, service, savings, efficiences and ROI’s. Groupize is a win, win, win.  A win for the company, a win for the event organizers and a win for the attendees. 

We welcome comparison and will openly share both our strengths and weaknesses.

Customer first means that enterprise value, innovation, service and partnership drives every decision we make. We value partnership over profit and take pride in our industry leading customer satisfaction and net promoter scores. We are happy when our customers are happy and we believe this is why we have earned our partnerships with the world’s leading companies.   

Groupize has the best integration in the industry with SAP Concur. The only meeting solution integrated with SAP Concur SAML 2.0 for vital security, Groupize is also integrated with profiles and travel, delivering the only real time two way feed. Extend your investment in SAP Concur from single transactions to group transactions.   Manage meetings, events, group air and payments for both profiled and non-profiled travelers.  Groupize also offers key integrations into other SAP Concur tech partners such as MedPro Systems. 

Groupize manages meetings and events of all sizes and more importantly all of the gatherings not called meetings – training, recruiting, projects, extended stays and group travel. Groupize can manage small meetings, simple meetings and strategic meeting management. Internal meetings of 20 to external meetings of 20,000 and everything in between, Groupize has it covered.

Yes! With global venue content, currencies, time zones and 10 languages, Groupize can support regional, multi-national and global programs.  The powerful multi-tenant hierarchy provides both global visibility for duty of care and risk mitigation and the ability to deploy rules and permissions at a regional or department level.  From simple deployments in one region to complex implementations in 45+ countries, Groupize helps organizations leverage their in-market support, existing resources and core solutions.

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Revolutionize your company with Groupize

Groupize centralizes all aspects of meeting and event planning and management in a single solution, saving time and effort by automating and simplifying complex processes.

Ensure you’re getting the best value through competitive RFP management, simplify attendee registration with a branded event website, create a seamless experience for attendees to book travel with direct integration to Concur Travel and improve every event with an attendee app.

Gain oversight and take control of spending on events by enforcing policies through rules and approval workflows. Get comprehensive insights through analytics and reporting on events and meetings spend to drive future budget and policy decisions and to help adapt to the new world of business travel.

The Benefits of Groupize

Comprehensive Visibility

Duty of Care & Peace of Mind

Unlimited Usage


SAP Concur Travel Integration

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