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Groupize is the solution of choice for smarter meetings management, unifying travel, spend, and compliance while delivering an amazing experience for planners and attendees.

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Proudly powering meetings, events, and group travel for leading companies worldwide.

Top 3 reasons companies choose Groupize

All in 1 solution

One Solution for All Meetings

One solution for internal and external meetings, small and large events, and occasional and professional planners. With Groupize you can control your entire meeting management program and the lifecycle of any meeting including internal meetings, special events, group travel, project teams, recruiting, training, small meetings or group air only – easy meeting registration ensures global visibility and duty of care.


Value & ROI

Simple easy-to-understand pricing with unlimited events and unlimited users. Deploying enterprise-wide for all meetings & events stretches the ROI even further. Get a 10X ROI on your tech investment and save up to 20% on your meetings program.  Replace nickel & diming with collaboration, visibility and unprecedented value.

Easy to Use & Fast to Implement

Consumerized user-friendly design makes Groupize easy for anyone to use – no need for certifications or endless training.  Teams can be up and running in one day. Get more with Groupize, your meeting management easy button.

"We need a solution that can be configured and implemented to bring together the entire 2,000 employee workforce; seamlessly arrange travel for approximately 1,000 employees and manage the expenses, room block and employee experience for the all hands in-person meeting at our Chicago HQ in little time."

See how Groupize compares to Cvent

Easy to use
Simple Pricing
Unlimited users, events, meeting registrations and apps
Attendee fees included in all packages
Designed for enterprise wide adoption
Collaborative workflows - self-service, full-service and expert assist
SAP Concur real-time integration

Highest rated on Capterra - Value for money

Testimonials from companies that made the switch


Here are the main reasons – and yes, these were all reasons to move away from Cvent:

    1. Value proposition – we get so much more for the same price.
    2. Self-service piece – Procurement can focus on more value-add activities, leaving the simpler meetings with the planners, while also still having oversight.
    3. Security – our Security team gains access to where our meetings are being held and who will be in attendance.
    4. Efficiency – when integrated with Concur, dates & locations are pulled into the booking window saving time for employees to register and book travel all at once.
    5. Reporting capabilities seem to be more robust than what I can get from Cvent today.

 – Procurement Category Manager, Travel, Meetings & Finance, Government Contractor

Top reasons organizations choose Groupize


Groupize delivers visibility, oversight, controls, data, duty of care and risk mitigation for programs of any size, in an easy to use solution that automates hundreds of tedious manual tasks associated with event logistics. Better manage your spend by optimizing your preferred suppliers, travel tech, and resources including planners and third parties. Collaboration and visibility drive savings.


Groupize provides faster response times with human support from experienced planners. We understand timelines, external stressors, and how important quick resolution is. G.G., the Groupize Guide, provides instant in-app tool tips and support for any planner.


Full support for all meeting-related travel needs, powered by your supplier strategy and simplified by us. Leverage buying enterprise-wide, avoid contractual risk, and maximize rules based service level based on any criteria. The only solution with three work flows, self-service, full-service and expert assist.


Exhausted by the status quo, Groupize created self-service meeting and event solutions for the tech-savvy and dispersed workforce of today. Enjoy a customer-influenced roadmap and culture of continuous improvement driving superior Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores and ….lots of happy users.


Groupize automates meeting management, saving an average of 26 hours per event. Features include easy creation of custom registration websites in under 15 minutes, branded attendee apps, centralized event cost tracking and workflow automation, and secure integrated tools for organizational efficiency. Easy-to-use solutions drive productivity and ROH - Return on Happiness.


Real-time two-way integration with SAP Concur keeps your meetings management in sync with your travel and expense solution. Maximize your investment with the industry-leading real-time integration with SAP Concur. Groupize is your online meeting tool.

Groupize vs Cvent FAQ's

Groupize was built from the ground up as a self-service solution for group travel and meeting management. As an easy to use, easy to access solution, we are the only event tech than can be rolled out to anyone in an organization. But don’t let the ease of use fool you, Groupize is a powerful solution with eight modules and over 275 features.

Organizations choose Groupize for functionality, easy to use, service, savings, efficiency and ROI’s. Groupize is a win, win, win. A win for the company, a win for the event organizers and a win for the attendees.

We welcome comparison and will openly share both our strengths and weaknesses.

Groupize delivers unparalleled value to programs of any size. A true all-in-one solution; one code base managing the before, during, and after of any meeting. 90% of organizations that made the switch chose Groupize for ease of use, service, visibility, duty of care, and functionality for more than just huge events. Organizations stay with Groupize for the ROI. Even Capterra rates Groupize as the best value for the money.

All Groupize subscriptions include unlimited users, unlimited events and unlimited meeting registrations. Even better, Attendees and Event Apps are included in all subscriptions. More usage does not mean more expensive. But it’s more than the unique business model, Groupize is built from the ground up as an all-in-one integrated solution to manage internal and external meetings, small and large events, and both occasional organizers and professional planners. Due to the robust functionality and flexible configuration, Groupize brings value to all of the gatherings not called meetings – such as training, recruiting, projects, crews, deployments and more.

Many solutions claim to be an all in one solution – but it’s typically a reference to all functionality for one component of an event. At Groupize, we stand behind our all-in-one designation because our platform manages both the lifecycle of any meeting and the entire meeting program. Groupize is one solution for all – delivering a better experience for attendees and planners.

Groupize has the industry-leading integration with SAP Concur. The only meeting solution compliant with SAP Concur SAML 2.0 for vital security, Groupize is also integrated with employee profiles, delivering the only real-time two-way feed of itinerary details including room block, hotel bookings, air and car. Extend your investment in SAP Concur from single transactions to group transactions for profiled and non-profiled travelers. Groupize also offers key integrations into other SAP Concur tech partners such as MedPro Systems.

Yes! With global venue content, currencies, time zones and 10 languages, Groupize can support regional, multi-national and global programs. The powerful multi-tenant hierarchy provides both global visibility for duty of care and risk mitigation and the ability to deploy rules and permissions at a regional or department level. From simple deployments in one region to complex implementations in 45+ countries, Groupize helps organizations leverage their in-market support, existing resources and core solutions.

Groupize manages meetings and events of all sizes and more importantly all of the gatherings not called meetings – training, recruiting, projects, extended stays and group travel. Groupize can manage small meetings, simple meetings and strategic meeting management. Internal meetings of 20 to external meetings of 20,000 and everything in between, Groupize has it covered.

Groupize is committed to assisting teams with a smooth transition of both data and process. Our experienced onboarding team has years of experience with different meeting technologies and change management, delivering teams a wealth of experience, knowledge, and best practices for replacing existing solutions. Whether you want to crawl, walk, or run, we have a customer success package to meet your unique needs and timelines. Ask about our special offer to ensure you are not paying for two solutions at the same time.

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