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Meeting the Next Generation of Hospitality Innovators

CEO Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien Presents to Students at NYU.

While in New York City attending Thayer Ventures Annual Summit, Groupize CEO Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien was invited to speak at New York University’s Tisch School of Hospitality.  Students had the unique opportunity to glean invaluable insights from the co-founder of Groupize, a leading event technology company.   Discussion included a variety of topics including innovation and leadership in an industry in the midst of a digital transformation.  Alisa shared her entrepreneurial journey, encouraging students to embrace curiosity, hands on learning opportunities and the value of being present in the dynamic world of hospitality.

The session started with the Groupize origin story and  the early days of Groupize, when the vision was to bring the category of group travel online and how over time the vision evolved to simplify the entire category of meeting and event management.  

Power of Curiosity

One of the central themes of the CEO’s lecture was the power of curiosity. De Gaspe Beaubien emphasized how curiosity had driven the companies exploration of the industry’s needs, propelling Groupize to create innovative and disruptive solutions. This message resonated strongly with the students, who were encouraged to cultivate their curiosity and use it as a driving force in their careers.  She also shared examples of her team’s curiosity-driven innovation. From understanding the deep intricacies of meeting management to diving deep into the world of event technology, she explained how a ceaseless thirst for excellence could transform challenges into opportunities.

Embracing Continuous Learning

The ever-evolving landscape of the event management requires professionals to be adaptive and open to continuous change.  Alisa shared instances where setbacks became stepping stones to further success, all due to learning from the experience and quick action in course correction.

The students at NYU’s Tisch School of Hospitality were encouraged to view education as a lifelong pursuit. In an industry as diverse as hospitality, where customer expectations change rapidly and technology continuously advances, being open to learning is a necessity.  Students were encouraged to seek knowledge not only within the classroom but through internships, networking, and real-world experiences.

The Magnitude of the Hospitality Industry

The class discussed the sheer magnitude of the hospitality industry, which encompasses far more than meets the eye. She shared statistics about the industry’s contribution to the global economy, its employment opportunities, and its potential for innovation.  Groupize will be keeping an eye on these students and tracking how they change the world. 

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