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On-Site Solutions

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Digital Check-in

Embrace the future of event management with Groupize’s innovative check-in features. We understand the importance of streamlining processes to save time, improve efficiency, and enhance the attendee experience.  With our QR code check-in feature, attendees can simply scan their personalized QR codes upon arrival. This digitized system allows for swift, seamless, and touch-free entry to your events.

For a touch of personalization and superior service, Groupize offers a concierge check-in option. This feature allows for a dedicated concierge to facilitate attendee check-in using our integrated system, creating a warm, welcoming, and professional entry experience for your attendees.

Our system goes beyond, providing you with real-time attendee data that gives you valuable insights into your event’s logistics. Track attendee numbers, check-in times, and other pertinent metrics as they happen. Communicate via SMS to announce when sessions start and more.


Mobile Attendee App

Groupize provides a user-friendly and cost-effective on-site solution to create a custom-branded Attendee App for your event swiftly and without incurring additional costs. This mobile application, which requires no download, places essential event information within easy reach, fostering a modern attendee experience. By providing access to key details directly on their mobile devices, we enhance attendee engagement and foster a seamless connection to your event.

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