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Booking Engine for Multi-Rooms (1-9 rooms)

Want to self-book 1-9 hotel rooms in real-time? Groupize makes searching, booking and managing small groups and simple meetings, multi-room bookings and extended stays easy. Select from over 150,000+ hotels including access to pricing and negotiated rates.

Why it's awesome

Strategic Meetings Sourcing

Shorten your procurement cycle by days. Automate all the manual tasks and quickly create RFPs to receive quotes on sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, F&B and other services. Compare bids, communicate and manage contracts from one user-friendly platform.

Why It's Awesome

Registration and Room Block Management

The Groupize Registration solution allows the user to create customized online registration web sites for their meetings or events.

The users can invite group members to register and let them self-manage their hotel room reservations as well as request special services, make modifications and update payments from their desktop or mobile device.

Powerful features help with everything from attendee management, invitations, and customized registration sites, which includes features such as; attendee travel reservations, agenda, questionnaires, logistics, communications, and reporting.

Why it's awesome

Concur Integration

Corporations can move meeting planning online, increase visibility to travel spend and reduce meeting costs with the Groupize Concur App.

The Groupize Concur App can:

  • Apply the same benefits of online booking to groups and meetings travel spend
  • Consolidate and capture spend across transient, groups and meetings
  • Import Profiles
  • Push to itinerary
  • Manage meeting details, registration, and travel bookings for employees and guests
  • Increase adoption by offering the same booking method for transient and group travel
  • Leverage the same powerful workflow and approvals making it easier to plan and manage meetings and group travel.
  • Powerful features help with everything from invitations and registration sites to attendee travel reservations, questionnaires, logistics, communications, and reporting.
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