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Your Data Security
Comes First

Groupize takes our responsibility to protect our clients’ data extremely seriously. Groupize’s hosting strategy, technology architecture and team training program are all built around the concepts of security and data protection.  We are focused on helping our clients feel confident that the platform they use for managing events meets their security standards.

ISO Certified

Hosted on the world’s leading cloud hosting service.

Physical security provisions include:

For more information on these environmental security provisions: Click Here

Application architecture is built to be secure by design.

Key architectural features include:

Groupize is focused on compliance.

Industry best-practices include:

ISO Certified
PCI DSS Compliant
Groupize Dub & bradstreet

Groupize Bug Bounty Program

Do you believe you have identified a possible security vulnerability with the Groupize application? View the details of our bug bounty program to find out how to report any issues.



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