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Groupize for Life Sciences

Compliance Made Easy for HCP Spend and Events

Proudly powering aggregate spend tracking, events & group travel for leading Life Science organizations worldwide.

Groupize is a 360 degree solution to manage transparency and aggregated spend, and HCP engagements from meals to travel & events. Groupize offers the flexibility to digitize meetings in one department or an entire organization, delivering the ultimate solutions for a highly regulated industry.


Digital Sign-In

Our Digital Sign-In module is the best way for Sales Reps to manage HCP Sign-In. Digitizing compliance for HCP travel, making it easier than ever to ensure compliance with Open Payments (Sunshine Act), saving sales reps countless hours and improving outcomes.

Event Engagement

Our Event Engagement module is the best way to manage meetings and events of any size or type; improving visibility, efficiency, attendee experience, compliance and savings. Elevate the experience for everyone with comprehensive event tech including registration, event apps, communications and onsite experience.

Travel & Meetings Management​

Our All-in-One Solution is the best way to manage all meetings in an organization. This complete solution combines our Event Engagement solutions with powerful functionality to manage corporate travel for meetings and all associated spend.

The solution of choice for meetings & events of any size. From Office Visits to 1,000+ attendee Sales Meetings.

Groupize is the preferred event management solution for SAP Concur, with the industry leading integration to SAP Concur Travel and Expense, extending an investment in SAP Concur into Groups, Meetings, Event and Engagements. Other integrations with Life Science tech such as MedPro Systems deliver unparalleled value.

SAP Concur

Groupize is the best way to manage transparency, aggregated spend and compliance for HCP meetings and events of any type. From Office Visits to 1,000 People Sales Meetings

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Digital Sign-In

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