Origin Story

A customer first company
founded on integrity 


Groupize is the platform of choice for enterprise meeting management, bringing oversight and insight to the largest area of unmanaged corporate expense & risk.


To effectively plan, manage, customize, optimize and maximize group events and meetings.

“We have a sales meeting coming up on the 15th; go ahead and groupize it.”

Where it all began:

“There has to be a better way!”

This is a phrase that has transformed our world, with visionaries who were dissatisfied and courageous enough to take on the challenge of solving a problem. Travel and event industry veterans Charles de Gaspe Beaubien and Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien,  were frustrated by the archaic, manual processes they faced every day in running their successful group travel company. Unable to find any technology solutions to streamline how group travel and events were sourced, booked, or managed, they decided to scratch their own itch and built a bespoke platform. 

It turned out to be a perfect solution for planners and hotels. They ultimately raised money from VCs, which ultimately led to the Groupize platform of today, which has revolutionized an entire category – and is leading the digital transformation of global end-to-end meeting management.

Pairing the digital affluence of a tenured technologist with the industry insights of a consummate planner, these two co-founders bring an undeniable ‘yin & yang’ dynamic to the table. Inspired by their many years in the service industry, their customer-first DNA turns customers into fanatics, products into obsessions, and employees into ambassadors.   

Serving customers by solving their problems and meeting their changing needs.

Technology to Transform Experiences

Before the creation of Groupize, group travel planning and logistics were incredibly difficult, if not nearly impossible. For decades, event planners and hospitality professionals wanted to make planning events more seamless but simply didn’t have the tools or processes required. The planning experience offered by Groupize ensures that planners can effectively streamline and scale the event or meeting planning process while ensuring people have a better experience. Ultimately, serving customers by solving their problems and meeting their changing needs is what it’s all about.

A Gap in the Industry:

The industry thought this problem couldn’t be fixed, but Groupize proved otherwise. They cracked the code for hotel group bookings, and their solution caught the attention of several major hotel groups. 

Surrounded by an elite advisory board and investor partners, the vision, and technology, continued to evolve into what is now recognized as the industry’s most innovative platform for global enterprise-wide meeting and event management. Winning many awards, including the coveted Phocuswright Innovation Award, the Skift Corporate Travel Innovators award, and voted BTNs Top 25 Most Influential, Groupize had reimagined the fragmented legacy landscape into a visionary universe of modern, DIY enterprise tools with limitless possibilities.

As we continued to learn the market and peel back the layers of the problem, we realized it was more than a gap in the industry — it was a crater that needed solving across the board.” — Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien

With the tailwinds created by the changing workforce, post-pandemic SMM policies, and convergence of travel and meetings, Groupize had grown into the preferred solution for large enterprise customers; Fortune 500 companies and organizations that find ROI and value in the Groupize solution across every department.

“Projects, recruiting, training — there are so many things that aren’t necessarily labeled as a meeting, but have the same workflow in regards to travel, logistics, travel, communications, and expense. Every company has tons of spend in every department that has, historically, been mostly manual. We streamline and automate it.”Charles de Gaspe Beaubien


“Today, the Groupize vision is the same as when the company began: Honesty, integrity, innovation, and customer-first. At Groupize, everyone is treated like family and true business partners, and world-class customer service combined with continued innovation is not simply a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. In fact, it’s the only way we know how to do business.” – Groupize



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