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Digital Sign-In

The best way for Sales Reps to manage HCP Sign-In

Eliminate paper forever and digitize the Sign-In process for HCP office visits making it easier than ever to ensure compliance with Open Payments (Sunshine Act). Saving sales reps hours per week and avoiding costly penalties directly impacts any bottom line.

QR Code Check-In on Mobile or Tablet

  • Check-In with the scan of a QR code on their own devices or through a provided tablet
  • Capture e-signatures with electronic Sign-In
  • Check-in statuses for tracking attendance
  • Meal Opt-out
  • Configurable forms by attendee type (HCP vs. Staff)
  • Acceptance of disclaimers
HCP Digital Sign In
digital sign-in tablet

Real-time HCP Validation

  • Integrated with the MedPro System for instantaneous HCP validation
  • Or, bypass the traditional hurdles: HCPs can effortlessly opt to skip entering their license number, allowing sales reps to validate post-event, streamlining the process for everyone involved

Push to Concur Expense

  • Instantly push data into Concur Expense
  • Track HCP credentials and attendees
  • Transparent accounting for every transfer of value
  • Transfer of value and allocation of costs
  • Aggregate Spend and CRM Report
LS Concur Expense Push

Digital Sign-In

Hands On Experience

Use the QR code and experience the Digital Sign-In for HCPs.

Digital Sign-In QR code

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