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A Customer First Company

We were an early adopter of Groupize and this continues to speak to the evolving product, the SAP Concur connection, the outstanding customer service, and the ease of use for both the planner and end-user!

Director, Brand Experience
Biomedical Company

I really enjoy this platform and this will help everyone save time when they plan a meeting

Global Travel
Global Healthcare Company

Groupize is the best implementation I have experienced in my entire career.

Senior Manager
Global Procurement

Life Sciences Company

Groupize gives autonomy to manage simple meetings, optimizes budget, saves time and is easy to use

Global Healthcare Company

We respect relationships

Groupize is a true business partner with companies, their TMC’s and Third Parties. We have an industry leading integration with SAP Concur, MedPro Systems, and many others.


Digital Sign-In

Hands On Experience

Use the QR code and experience the Digital Sign-In for HCPs.

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