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Travel & Meetings Management

Total Meeting Management

Unifying travel, spend and compliance in one solution

Gain oversight and take control of spending on events by enforcing policies through rules and approval workflows. Get comprehensive insights through analytics and reporting on events and meetings spend to drive future budget and policy decisions and dynamically adapt in a regulated industry.

Spend, Compliance and Workflows

Groupize is designed with procurement and finance in mind to control the 43% of travel and entertainment budget that events and meetings represent. Maximize efficiencies and time savings by centralizing and automating processes. Advanced reporting on all your activity ensures compliance and protects the health and safety of your team and attendees.

Global Adoption

Enterprise-Wide Adoption

Managing internal and external, small and large meetings in one easy to use solution with unlimited users and unlimited events delivers total cost management. Monitor spend for insights across all categories to deliver compliant meeting management with ultimate efficiency.

Small Meetings and Self-Service

Self-service and easy to use, empowering occasional meeting organizers as well as professional event planners to gain efficiency through collaboration and robust workflows.

Non Profit Team Work

HCP Travel

Global venue sourcing and room block management complemented with a live hotel booking engine, and a real-time two way integration with Concur Travel ensures that both profiled and non-profiled (HCPs) travelers booking a trip for a meeting or an event comply with travel policy and leverage negotiated supplier rates. Full service travel workflows for VIP’s or patients.

Key Features

  • Venue Management
  • Global hierarchy with parent and child organizations
  • Company Portal
  • Rules engine and decision tree
  • Self-Service and Full-Service workflows
  • Collaboration
  • Register and add to company meeting calendar
  • Duty of Care for Crisis Management
  • Meeting Request Form and Self-Service Functionality
    Budgets (Initials, Approved & Actuals)
  • Expense (transactions, payments, vendors & reconciling)
  • Approvals and Workflows
  • Savings Reports
  • Centralize and manage venue data with reports
  • Run reports, build budgets, and centralize data to track spend

Digital Sign-In

Hands On Experience

Use the QR code and experience the Digital Sign-In for HCPs.

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