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Maximize business travel resources

When travel is required to attend an event, airfare is one of the largest costs to consider. Whether an organization pays for attendees travel or the attendee pays on their own, everyone benefits from an integrated air booking solution. Groupize provides unparalleled visibility into flight costs and itinerary changes, even into who has not booked air travel in the proper booking window. With or without event registration, Group Air can be managed in Groupize.

Maximize Resources with Self-Service and Full-Service Air Bookings

Seamless Booking

Savings & Visibility

SAP Concur Integration

Guests & Non-Profiled

True Total Cost

Groupize is the Only Event Tech Provider Focused on Travel

Seamless Booking of Flights For All Events

Improve your attendee and guests experience with air booking options in their registration process. Manage profiled and non-profiled travelers with event level rules to control spend. Customize communications regarding travel before, during and after an event.


Savings and Visibility

Automate and book air for your events as a self-service transaction. Monitor who has booked and not booked travel to enforce good behavior on-air booking windows and ability reduce flight costs by 18% – 22%

Exclusive Two-Way SAP Concur Travel Integration for Self Service

  • Integrates to Concur Travel and Concur Meeting Admin (3rd party)
  • One click to send air booking link to guests
  • Regular rule class or special event level rules
  • Real time modifications and changes
  • Profile match to void duplications
  • Guest travel and companion travel
  • Global and parent and child ticketing in market
  • Ghost cards
  • Dedicated cost centers for air for meetings
  • Rules classes per event
  • Negotiated meetings contracts (generally a 5% discount on airfares)
  • Duty of Care

Guests and Non-Profiled Travelers

Groupize air delivers a two-way integrated guest management platform designed exclusively for guest travelers including recruits, companions, sponsored guests, consultants, interns and project teams. We create guest profiles and support ghost cards.

True Total Cost of Air for an Event

Too often, air tickets are booked under the transient profile of the travelers, and the total actual spend is invisible. Aggregate all the air spend transactions around your events automatically and modify cost centers for the total cost of a meeting.

Key Features

  • Offer agent booking, online Booking or collect flight details
  • Customizable air booking form
  • Aggregated arrival and departure flight manifest
  • Easy upload of air traveler lists
  • Control booking conditions and rules
  • Unique SAP Concur Travel integrations
  • Global – Tickets issued within country based on the region
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Full-Service and Self-Service workflows


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