Total Meeting Management

Elevate Your Meetings with Groupize's Innovative Strategic Meeting Solutions

Total Meeting Management

Ease up your event planning processes

Groupize offers modern strategic meeting management solutions designed to simplify the process of organizing and managing meetings, events, and conferences. Our highly configurable software offers a suite of comprehensive tools to tailor to specific needs and requirements. The user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology makes Groupize an invaluable tool for businesses looking to streamline their processes. 

Streamline Your Meetings and Enhance Productivity with Groupize

One Solution For All

Groupize was designed to be an easy, self-service solution that everyone from casual meeting organizers to event-planning pros can use to support the entire planning process. Because there’s unlimited usage across any number of events or attendees, you’ll never have to worry about per user or per event licenses fees.


Uncover Unmanaged Spend

Groupize makes perennially hidden meeting spend transparent – and unleashes potential for savings of up to 20% — in an easy-to-use, cloud platform that can be deployed company-wide in just days. Now you can track and centralize all your event costs, create efficient workflows, and standardize processes for all your company’s travel, meetings and events.

Spend, Compliance and Workflows

Groupize is designed with procurement and finance in mind to control the 43% of their travel and entertainment budget that events and meetings represent. Maximize efficiencies and time savings by centralizing and automating processes. Advanced reporting on all your activity ensures compliance and protects the health and safety of your team and attendees.


Enterprise-Wide Adoption

  • Connecting a meeting to the travel logistics and expense reconciliation means process efficiencies and logistical visibility – for procurement tracking and “total cost” management.
  • Ensure compliance with policies and rules
  • Monitor reports and insights across all categories
  • Small and large meetings managed in one tool
  • Unlimited events and users

Plan Ahead for Crisis Management

  • Get global visibility on a map and access meeting details instantly, locate planners, employees, attendees around the world immediately in case of an emergency or strikes.
  • Notify & Alert in Real-Time via email and SMS
  • Integration to Duty of Care platform available

Key Features

  • Global hierarchy with parent and child organizations
  • Company Portal
  • Rules engine and decision tree
  • Self Service and Full-Service workflows
  • Collaboration
  • Register and add to company meeting calendar
  • Duty of Care for Crisis Management
  • Meeting Request Form and Self-Service Functionality
  • Budgets (Initials, Approved & Actuals)
  • Expense (transactions, payments, vendors & reconciling)
  • Approvals and Workflows
  • Savings Reports
  • Centralize and manage venue data with reports
  • Run reports, build budgets, and centralize data to track spend


Explore meeting, travel, expense & reporting modules.

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