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Every Event Benefits from a Better Registration Experience

Build Registration Websites for Every Event

Regardless of size, format or budget

Top-notch registration website solutions perfect for all event planners. Easily create custom registration websites that are tailored to your event’s specific needs. Groupize’s registration services allow for easy attendee registration and payment processing, as well as seamless integration for any of your other event management tools. 

Groupize Registration Websites for All

Internal & External Meetings

Simple to Complex

More than Meetings

Powerful Event Registration Features to Improve Attendee Management and Experience

Event Registration Websites for Every Event

No matter your event’s size, format, or budget, brand registration websites with built-in themes, templates, and mobile-friendly registration pages make it easy for attendees to sign up on any device.

  • Attendee Management & Companion
  • Customizable Forms
  • Questions and Sub-Questions
  • Ticketing & Payments
  • Session Management
  • Speakers and Sponsors
  • Room Blocks or live hotel booking engine
  • SAP Concur Travel integration
  • Hotel, Air & Car
  • Confirmation and QR Code Check-in
  • Multilingual
  • Logistical Reports and cross event reports

Simple to Complex

With Groupize registration, it couldn’t be easier to create and publish a mobile-optimized registration website in 15 minutes or less – without training or outside help. Control branding and the registration page can include stock imagery, videos, social links, colors, agenda, countdown timer, event details, contacts, and hotel information. Each event can be configured to the needs of the event – either full service or self-service in Concur for air, car, and/or hotel.

  • DIY, Custom or Cloning
  • Website Themes and Templates
  • Meet Branding Guidelines
  • Self-guided experience

Registration is for More Than Meetings

Create professional registration sites for training, recruiting, small events, and company wide use cases to improve the attendee experience and digitize inefficient workflows.

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