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Groupize helps companies better manage their largest area of rogue spend. Organizations plan and manage meetings every day. Global spending on meetings & events is $1 Trillion and this represents 2-3% of a company's revenue. Multi-traveler events constitute more than 65% of travel spend and meetings are 43% yet most companies both under-manage and overspend.

Groupize is the solution of choice for unified enterprise meetings management, with a modern, all-in-one platform that helps control spend and mitigate risk while delivering an amazing attendee experience for corporate meetings of all sizes and purposes in all verticals.

“Thanks to Groupize, we saved $5000 (on a final total of $25,000) just by having the visibility, being able to send to other vendors and being able to communicate our educated understanding of the marketplace.”

“Groupize is very user-friendly and will help you plan any size event with ease. You can use it for an in-person, on-site, off-site, or virtual meeting as allows you to creatively supply your attendees with all the information needed for a successful meeting. It’s a great “one stop shop” tool!”

Built on consumer DNA, Groupize eliminates the complexity of legacy meeting solutions, empowering any user to organize their own meetings and events without sacrificing centralized spend controls and visibility – and without needing a certified meeting pro for every event.

Comprising meeting planning, event delivery, registration & attendee management, spend tracking, and reporting applications, Groupize provides teams with the flexibility to easily customize each event and the certainty that all activity is captured in one single dashboard. This enables teams to easily manage the entire lifecycle of their meetings and events programs from one system before, during, and after.

With distributed workforces and a rapid return to in-person events, companies are seeing both internal and external meetings needs proliferate – while at the same time, the resources to organize all those events are shrinking. Groupize helps companies optimize their meetings programs with a modern, cost-effective platform that eliminates many of the old manual workflows and clunky legacy tech, replacing them with automated services that save both time and money.

Groupize also offers seamless integrations to SAP Concur for complete travel and expense tracking for all company meetings – keeping procurement, finance, and risk management teams happy.

As an enterprise-grade solution, customers can be confident that Groupize ensures full data security coverage, including ISO27001 and PCI DSS certification, GDPR compliance, and SSO support.

With happy customers spanning fortune 500 enterprise clients to high-growth mid-market companies, Groupize is proud to lead the way for modern meetings management.

Combine Travel, Meetings, and Spend with Groupize.

Groupize is a self service platform, user friendly for occasional organizers and robust for professional planners.  Eliminate the cost and complexity of bloated legacy solutions and choose one solution for all – unparalleled efficiency and savings of tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time  – per meeting.  

It is easy to get started, smooth concierge onboarding for enterprise wide adoption, delivering a 10x ROI on investment in the first year.  Seamless integrations to core systems like SAP Concur make travel and expense tracking a breeze, keeping travel, meetings, finance, security and compliance teams happy.

“Thanks to Groupize, we saved $5000 (on a final total of $25,000) just by having the visibility, being able to send to other vendors and being able to communicate our educated understanding of the marketplace.”



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