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All-in-One Enterprise Solution

Simplify and Streamline All of Your Processes

All-in-One Enterprise Solution

Revolutionize your company with Groupize

Groupize centralizes all aspects of meeting and event management in a single solution, saving time and effort by automating and simplifying complex processes.

Ensure you’re getting the best value through competitive RFP management, simplify attendee registration with a branded event website, create a seamless experience for attendees to book travel with direct Concur Travel integration and improve every event with an attendee app.

Gain oversight and take control of spending on events by enforcing policies through rules and approval workflows. Get comprehensive insights through analytics and reporting on events and meetings spend to drive future budget and policy decisions and to help adapt to the new world of corporate travel.

One Solution for All

Supports the entire lifecycle of a meeting or event from approval, planning, venue sourcing, registration, travel booking and attendee management, communications, and reconciliation, simplifying complex and cumbersome processes for maximum efficiency.

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited usage across any number of departments, employees or events for all modules.



Self-service and easy to use, empowering occasional meeting organizers as well as professional event planners to gain efficiency through collaboration and robust workflows.

Duty of Care & Peace of Mind

Keeps employers informed of when and where meetings and events are happening in a single dashboard to keep employees and guests safe in the event of an emergency.

Comprehensive Visibility

Data, reporting and analytics dashboards enable organizations to easily track and review cross-event spend, logistics reports, and attendee metrics, resulting in the ability to optimize resources and budget.

SAP Concur Travel Integration

Concur Travel integration ensures that both profiled and non-profiled travelers booking a trip for a meeting or an event comply with travel policy and leverage negotiated supplier rates.

  • Native Interactive Advisor for tips, checklists, videos and support
  • Global Capabilities: Multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-timezone


Explore meeting, travel, expense & reporting modules.

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