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Integration into SAP Concur Expense

Delivering unprecedented value to SAP Concur customers

Groupize integrates seamlessly with Concur Expense, effectively expanding the utility of SAP Concur’s established solutions in tracking, expense creation, and compliance. This integration brings together the strengths of both platforms, enhancing the overall functionality of Groupize’s all-in-one solution.

  • Unique Two-Way Integration
  • Create expense reports
  • Push Attendees and HCP
  • Pull Expense data around a meeting and event
  • Track payments
Push to expense

Capturing The Total Meeting Cost

This integration enables you to leverage spend data insights, providing valuable information that can inform future budget decisions. Moreover, our platform integrates air, car, hotel, and all expense transactions into the budget and expense modules. This integration ensures complete visibility of total meeting spend, facilitating effective budget management and financial oversight.

Life Sciences and HCP Compliance

Groupize combined with MedPro Systems an industry-leading healthcare data providers, and SAP Concur Expense delivers life sciences organizations with a comprehensive solution to manage attendees and expenses for meals and events with greater compliance.

  • HCP data and license validation (MedPro)
  • Spend, compliance & visibility
  • Digital Check-in
  • Generate digital sign-in sheets
  • Push spend data and transfer of value
  • Add attendees with HCP data
  • Track no shows


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