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Groupize’s customization and communication tools are designed to help coordinate and execute group travel efficiently. 

Built For meetings & events of all sizes

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Savings on Meetings & Events

Manage Organization-Wide

Built-in policies for 100% compliance.

Set up your meeting policies, adjust them when you want, and take advantage of endless collaborative workflows. You set the rules and processes within the platform, leaving your users free to create meetings and events for themselves while staying within policy.

Our all-in-one platform stays as agile as your business and ready for any challenge.

Registration Website

Fully Branded, Quick & Impressive

Build registration websites in 15 minutes or less. No training or outside help required. Fully brand your site with brand colors, images, videos, social links, event details and countdowns, hotel and travel information and more. Each event can be configured to the needs of the event, offering full service or self-service in SAP Concur for air, car, and/or hotel.

Attendee App

For Live Events

We understand that creating a custom-branded Attendee App for your event can be time-consuming, expensive, and often overwhelming. That’s why we have developed a solution that makes it easy, fast, and affordable to create a fully customizable and engaging Attendee App in just minutes, and at just a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Our platform allows you to elevate your hybrid events without the need for attendees to install an app. With Groupize, planners can create virtual spaces with immersive virtual backgrounds, such as lobbies, stages, exhibition halls, conference rooms, or bars. Attendees can easily navigate and explore these virtual spaces, and engage with other participants in real-life virtual networking with spatial recognition that comes as close to in-person networking as possible.

Our Attendee App offers a range of features that attendees will love, including the ability to view their agendas, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, download resources, documents, and videos, create personalized itineraries, access location and maps, receive notifications and announcements, and check in virtually or contactless through QR code.

What’s more, Groupize is fully compatible with all the video conferencing tools you already use, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Amazon Chime, Ring Central, Webex, and others. And because Groupize is a pre-approved corporate-wide tool, you can be sure that you have advanced security and privacy for any and every event.

Uplevel Your Meeting Management

Built on consumer DNA, Groupize eliminates the complexity of legacy meeting solutions, empowering any user to organize their own meetings and events without sacrificing centralized spend controls and visibility – and without having to be a certified meeting pro.

Total Spend Management

Workflows, Reporting, Compliance

Track and centralize all your event costs, create efficient workflows, and standardize processes for all your organizations’ travel, meetings and events.

Designed with procurement and finance in mind to control the 43% budget travel and entertainment comprised of events and meetings.

Maximize efficiencies and save labor time by centralizing and automating processes.

Advanced reporting on all your activity ensures compliance and protects the health and safety of your team and attendees.

Organization Wide Adoption

For Meetings of All Sizes

As an enterprise-grade solution, Groupize provides full data security coverage and seamless integration to SAP Concur and other industry tools for complete travel and expense tracking, keeping procurement, finance, and risk management teams happy.

No lengthy training and certification needed. Departments streamline their processes, replacing 4-8 systems. Our expert customer care team ensures a seamless onboarding enterprise-wide.

Solutions for Every Use Case

From small meetings to enterprise wide events, group air to projects and crews logistics, Groupize has you covered.

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