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Concur Event Management by Groupize, a Solution Extension

A centralized approach to meeting and event planning. Simplify the process and make it easy to manage all aspects with this all-in-one solution.  


DIY Solutions for Internal and External Meetings

Set up your meeting policy, adjust it when you want, and automate the rest. You set the rules and processes within the platform, leaving the users free to create meetings and events for themselves while staying within policy.

With our platform, gain visibility into both small and large meetings, which will allow tracking of all aspects of the organization’s meetings and events. This Solution Extension will ensure that the organization is organized, efficient, and always on top of things.

Our all-in-one platform stays as agile as your business and ready for any challenge.

Venue Sourcing & Travel

Flexible Workflows: Self-Service, Full-Service and Expert Assist

Enjoy a competitive bid process for sourcing meetings and events. By leveraging our competitive bidding process, you can focus on other aspects of the business by automating venue sourcing.
  • Move travel arrangements from full-service fees to self service
  • Streamline processes reducing labor costs
  • Maximize use of negotiated hotel rates

Increase Productivity & Compliance:
  • Streamline coordination of multi-travelers and guest travelers
  • Modern user experience
  • Safety and Duty of Care
  • Compliance to travel policy
  • Centralize itineraries


Control Largest Area of Unmanaged Spend

Get the visibility and control you need to manage processes, reduce risk, & control costs

Reduces Costs

  • Control up to 50% of T&E
  • Up to 20% Savings on a Meetings program

Increase Productivity & Compliance

  • Spend Governance
  • Streamline exchange of financial data for payment and reconciliation


Explore meeting, travel, expense & reporting modules.

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