Groupize Launches HCP Digital Sign-In Solution, Expanding its Total Meetings Management Platform

Life Sciences manufacturers can now simplify compliance tracking and reporting with combined QR code functionality, e-signature, HCP validation, and SAP Concur Expense import features

Boston, MA, May 2, 2023 — Groupize, the Total Meeting Management platform, today launched ‘HCP Digital Sign-In,’ its newest module designed to complement their Speaker Bureau Travel and Meetings Management solutions for the Life Sciences industry. With this expansion, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device field representatives can seamlessly maintain compliance with US Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act) while engaging with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). This includes a wide range of event types, such as office visits, speaker bureaus, dinner meetings and clinical trials.

Since 2014, Life Sciences manufacturers have been required to capture and annually report transfers of value to US physicians and teaching hospitals under Open Payments. A process, if done manually, can be time-consuming and often error-prone, exposing the manufacturer to compliance risk and potential penalties. With the added Open Payments expansion in 2021 to include Non-Physician Practitioners under Covered Recipients, there is now a greater volume than ever of interactions that must be reported, establishing a clear need for a digital and automated solution to help reduce this burden.

The HCP Digital Sign-In module offers a user-friendly experience that works across phones, tablets, and desktops, making it easy for sales representatives to check-in, obtain electronic signatures and validate HCPs in real-time. Coupled with its SAP Concur Expense import feature, HCP Digital Sign-In streamlines the expense management process and reduces errors and time-consuming manual tasks.

“We see this as a valuable addition to our comprehensive event platform,” said Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, CCO at Groupize. “Our aim is to continue to provide and expand upon our cutting-edge solutions that simplify event management while ensuring efficiency and compliance.”

To support real-time validation of HCP credentials at the event sign-up portal through the module, Groupize has expanded its partnership with MedPro Systems. MedPro is the leading provider of commercial and compliance solutions for the Life Sciences industry – their premier MedProID database enables accurate HCP data capture at the point of engagement for all Federal & State aggregate Spend reporting requirements. Groupize customers can then track and view attendance data and no-shows via the Groupize platform.

“The HCP Digital Sign-In is the perfect complement to the comprehensive Groupize Event Platform,” said Ron Strauss, Vice President Compliance at MiMedx.

Groupize’s powerful event management platform combined with MedPro’s industry-leading healthcare data:

  • Empowers pharmaceutical and medical device companies to effortlessly maintain compliance to manage attendees and spend tracking for events without manual efforts, eliminating errors and compliance risks
  • Groupize and MedPro seamlessly integrates with SAP Concur for end-to-end management of HCP event expense capture and reporting
  • Simplifies and automates the entire end-to-end events journey with an easy-to-use system that anyone can use for any size or type of event – from dinner meeting to large conference
  • Captures all required HCP data attributes to meet Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), State, and Local Aggregate Spend reporting requirements including: Name, Address, SLN, NPI, Specialty, Taxonomy Code, State Covered Recipient Number and more


Improve expense reporting upfront by utilizing MedProID data to capture HCP information at the source correctly and importing to Concur Expense:

  • Attendee and HCP data reporting
  • Concur Expense attendee import and allocation
  • Seamless transfer of data to the MedPro ComplianceReportingID Aggregate Spend platform


Key Features of the HCP Digital Sign-In module Include:

  • QR code check-in
  • Check-ins, walkins and meal opt out
  • Attendee type tracking
  • Digital sign-in with e-signature capture
  • Real-time HCP validation
    • Direct HCP identification providing real-time searching of the MedProID license validation database directly from Groupize


Key Use Cases Are:

  • Dinner meetings at restaurants
  • Continuing education events
  • Internal and team-building events
  • Sales meetings
  • Advisory boards
  • Product launches
  • Lunch and learns
  • Clinical trials
  • Investigator meetings
  • Key opinion leaders
  • Patient advocacy
  • Virtual meetings
  • Speaker bureaus travel
  • Congress auxiliary



About Groupize

Groupize is a leading Total Meeting Management platform that specializes in delivering innovative solutions for organizations in every industry. Our mission is to unify travel, spend, and compliance for organizations of all sizes. To learn more about our full range of products and services, visit

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is the Life Sciences industry’s most trusted partner to support business and regulatory challenges.

MedPro’s industry-leading software and services assist companies in meeting Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, PDMA, and Stark Law requirements through the premier MedProID platform and expert MedPro Compliance Advisory Services.

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