Ebook: Are You Prepared for a Changed World?


What would we do differently if we could go back 90 days? Before this pandemic, most corporations couldn’t answer these critical questions:
• How many meetings do we have?
• How much do we spend on meetings?
• How many admins are signing contracts, and what clauses they are signing?
• Where are our meeting attendees?
• How many $25K-$100K cancellation penalties do we absorb a year?
• What data security risk do we expose the company to with all these manual processes and unsecured tools?

While so many may be taking things day-by-day, it’s critical to look to the future to determine the best course of action moving forward.

This eBook is a compilation of best practices on how the industry will need to evolve the culture and approach to meetings management in this changing world. This peer to peer advice and framework for success comes from travel managers, meeting planners, procurement, TMCs, and industry partners.



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