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Revolutionizing HCP Sign-In with Groupize’s Digital Sign-In Feature

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, where every interaction with healthcare professionals (HCPs) matters, efficiency and compliance are paramount. Sales reps need to manage HCP sign-ins seamlessly while ensuring adherence to stringent regulations like the Open Payments (Sunshine Act). Groupize offers a game-changing HCP digital sign-in feature that eliminates paperwork and empowers sales reps to streamline the sign-in process, saving time and mitigating costly penalties.

Here’s how Groupize’s digital sign-in feature is transforming the way sales reps manage HCP sign-ins:

1. QR Code Check-In on Mobile or Tablet

Groupize’s digital sign-in feature introduces the convenience of QR code check-ins, making the process faster and more efficient.  HCP’s can check in with a simple scan of a QR code on their own mobile devices or through provided tablets. This modern approach replaces traditional paper sign-ins, significantly reducing administrative burden and potential errors, giving sales people more time to focus on revenue producing activities.

2. Electronic Sign-In with E-Signatures

The digital sign-in feature captures e-signatures, ensuring a secure and legally compliant sign-in process. This electronic record of attendance simplifies tracking and reporting, making it easier to demonstrate life science compliance with regulations. It also eliminates the need for manual signature collection, saving precious time.

3. Configurable Forms

Groupize’s digital sign-in feature allows for meal opt-outs and offers configurable forms based on attendee types (HCP vs. Staff). Attendees can easily specify their preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring a smoother and more personalized experience. The system also accepts disclaimers, which is crucial for compliance purposes.

4. Real-Time HCP Validation

One of the standout features of Groupize’s digital sign-in is its integration with the MedPro System, providing instantaneous HCP validation. This integration streamlines the sign-in process, ensuring that only eligible professionals attend events. HCPs can seamlessly enter their license numbers for immediate validation, enhancing compliance with Open Payments requirements.

Alternatively, HCPs can choose to skip entering their license numbers during sign-in, allowing sales reps to validate post-event. This flexibility simplifies the process, ensuring that HCPs and sales reps can focus on the event itself rather than administrative hurdles.

5. Concur Expense Integration

Groupize’s digital sign-in feature doesn’t stop at event sign-ins. It seamlessly integrates with Concur Expense, instantly pushing sign-in data for expense tracking. This ensures transparent accounting for every transfer of value, making it easier to allocate costs and demonstrate compliance. The system also helps track HCP credentials and attendees, simplifying the reporting process.

6. Aggregate Spend and CRM Reporting

Groupize’s digital sign-in feature generates aggregate spend reports, which are essential for compliance tracking. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of expenses and attendee data, helping organizations stay within budget and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, the integration with CRM systems ensures that sales reps have access to valuable data for future interactions and relationship-building.


Groupize’s digital sign-in feature is a game-changer for life science sales reps and organizations. It eliminates the hassles of paperwork, enhances compliance with the Sunshine Act, reduces penalties and provides valuable insights into expenses and attendee data. By digitizing the sign-in process, sales reps can save time, reduce administrative burden, and ultimately contribute to the bottom line by ensuring efficient and compliant interactions with HCPs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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