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Groupize Launches Attendee Type Workflow Enhancements and Flexible PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) Plans

Meeting and event management tech leaders adds new functionality to support more complex meetings while simplifying how organizations can buy event tech with one click

BOSTON, MA, (November 10, 2021) – Groupize, the leader in the digital transformation of meeting management for groups of all sizes, today announced the addition of PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) plans for those organizations that need to make quick decisions, or are still uncertain about their long-term strategy.

The company has also unveiled Attendee Type Workflow enhancements to manage more complex events for registration and travel logistics such as projects and crews. With conditional logic, planners can now offer differentiated registration flows by attendee types for forms, questions, hotel sub-block, admission tickets and air booking paths.

With the new pay-as-you-go pricing structure available for Groupize’s Registration and App, organizations only pay for the number of attendees they need. With unlimited events, no up-front fees, no contracts, or termination fees, the new plans offer a hassle-free way to start utilizing the platform and organically grow into the usage of the Groupize all-in-one platform to manage the risk, spend, compliance, and attendee experience of virtual, hybrid and in-person gatherings.

Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Chief Customer Officer of Groupize, explains: “We’ve seen the profile of events roles change and grow. Most organizations don’t have professional meeting tech engineers and they need to do more with less. We are tapped into these emerging demands and continue to deepen our functionality and increase use cases. Everything we do is based on helping our clients succeed,  and  we are committed to being the most comprehensive solution of choice for events of all sizes, all types, and all verticals – while remaining true to our core vision of modern simplicity.”

Groupize PAYG Registration + Attendee App:

  • Includes all functionality for Registration + Attendee App to elevate event experiences
  • Supports omni-channel meetings and events
  • Simplifies path to purchase with instant acquisition and deployment
  • Buy online via credit card
  • No annual contract
  • Low minimum commitment in 3 tiers: 100, 500, and 2000 attendees
  • Choice of templates and themes
  • Includes 1-4 hours of implementation and learning hours
  • Although the platform is easy and intuitive, Groupize also offers hourly build assist services

“We’re seeing a rush of events that need to launch overnight as meetings resume,” adds Charles. “Registration needs to launch in hours, not weeks. So we’ve come up with the ideal solution. They just pay once for the number of attendees and then start using it. It’s really that easy!”

Groupize is committed to carbon removal and scaling technologies to combat climate change. Via this latest launch, the company will direct a fraction of its PAYG transaction revenue toward initiatives that permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To learn more about Groupize solutions and PAYG packages, visit

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