NEW Risk-Focused Assessment Tool & Platform Enhancements for the New World

Groupize goes beyond hybrid meetings and counters risk challenges of a global meetings program in the era of COVID-19

Boston, MA, July 15, 2020 – Groupize, the easy to use, all in one end to end platform to manage expense, travel and risk for all meetings and events within a corporation, prioritizes risk mitigation, duty of care and traveler safety as key areas of focus in their solution set.

To solve the risk mitigation challenges and litigation exposure surrounding meetings management, Groupize announces “Groupize Assurance”, a series of platform, service, and feature enhancements focused on lowering end-to-end risk related to both meeting management and travel in the reality of coronavirus.

Groupize Assurance includes the first in the industry enhanced solution to standardize managed meeting processes, policy, and logistics – making every step trackable and auditable within its central platform. This matches the same scrutiny long given transient travel programs.

Groupize Assurance features focus on Pre-Event, On-Site, and Post-Event requirements in a post-COVID world:

  • Duty of Care for events and attendees
  • Virtual and hybrid meeting capabilities
  • Approvals at multiple levels, including destination, budget, venue & and pre-trip
  • Venue sourcing requirements for cleanliness, staff monitoring, onsite protocols, F&B policies and safety measures
  • Venue curation for company-approved venues
  • Registration process with auditable participant consent forms, attendee certifications and statuses
  • Multi-event contact tracing reports
  • Enhanced Attendee communication
  • Onsite continuous pandemic policies communications and daily attendee assessment questionnaires
  • Additional Duty of Care integrations available in the winter of 2020
  • Auditable checklist that all steps have been followed


The new features complement the other data available in the centralized Groupize system, which provides one-click access to all elements of a meeting, including approval status, planner, budget, contract, attendees, and their travel status.


All companies will need to ensure they are effectively able to manage and minimize pandemic risks when smaller-scale domestic meetings start up again, which, according to the Planner Confidence Index, will likely happen by early 2021.  Tracie Carillo, Sr. Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for the top travel and hospitality tech solution provider, Travel Inc, states, “As a trusted partner we understand the importance of focusing on the health and safety of all our travelers. This approach goes beyond the necessity for travel and meeting policy updates due to Covid19, but proactively helps companies adapt, explore and implement a comprehensive set of tools that can incorporate not only the new policy recommendations, but ensures the ability to monitor, track, audit and responsibly deliver further cost containment.”

“Now is the time for companies to hit the reset button on how they track events and meetings,” says Groupize CEO Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien. “With only a few outside meetings on the books for the end of this year but many more lining up in early 2021, companies need to start now to make sure all future meetings, large and small, go smoothly, and that they minimize risk and liability in the pre-, during and post-meeting process. We have gone beyond virtual meetings and enhanced the Groupize offering to make corporate risk management easy, affordable, and auditable in the managed meeting category. Duty of care for meetings has always been a challenge and in many cases, day meetings or events where attendees drive are still a blind spot and we are closing that gap.”

The Groupize approach starts with assessing the risk. To help business leaders assess their current risk within their managed meeting program process, Groupize has created a free risk assessment calculator and guide.

For a complete list of Groupize Assurance features and upgrades, please visit

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