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Staying Ahead of the Competition: How TMCs Can Use Groupize to Offer More Comprehensive Meeting Planning Services

The travel industry has undergone significant changes in the past two years, with the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting travel plans and causing major financial losses for travel management companies (TMCs). Despite this, the consolidation among TMCs has shown no sign of slowing down, with many companies completing high-profile acquisitions to expand their offerings and better position themselves in the market. “Demand for service is high as is demand for technology solutions”, says BTN’s Winter Research: TMC Reboot. In this post, we will focus on the role of TMCs in supporting meetings, and how Groupize can be a valuable partner in this regard.

TMCs and Meeting Support

TMCs play a critical role in supporting technology for their clients. This includes providing guidance for both decision-makers and support for travelers.  Additionally, TMCs often work closely with their clients to help them plan and manage meetings and events, ensuring that all aspects of the event run smoothly.

However, the pandemic highlighted the importance of TMCs in supporting meetings and events – sometimes in new ways. For example, TMCs can provide value to clients by helping them meet employee retention goals. With the increase of dispersed work, the need for in-person meetings to achieve company initiatives around company culture is in high demand. The importance of happy meeting attendees is a major factor in employee culture and retention.

The Role of Groupize 

Groupize is the choice for modern meetings management. The company’s platform offers a range of features designed to help clients plan, manage, and execute meetings and events more efficiently and effectively. This includes tools for sourcing venues, managing room blocks, and handling other logistical details.

By partnering with Groupize, TMCs can offer their clients access to these advanced meeting planning tools, which can help them save time and money while ensuring that their meetings and events run smoothly. Groupize’s technology can also help TMCs differentiate themselves in a crowded market by offering clients a more comprehensive suite of services.

Groupize’s platform is highly customizable, which means that TMCs can tailor the platform to meet the specific needs of their clients. This includes integrating the platform with existing travel booking tools and other systems to create a seamless experience for clients. Groupize offers the most powerful and secure integration to SAP Concur available on the market.

The Role of Groupize In Security & Duty of Care

Groupize’s global visibility for every meeting, permissions, data transparency and world class security ensures any TMC offering Groupize as a self or full service option can ensure duty of care while providing great attendee experience. 


TMCs play a critical role in supporting meetings and events for their clients, and distributed work forces have highlighted the importance of TMCs in new ways, such as helping clients navigate the complexities of hybrid and virtual events and meeting their employee retention goals. By partnering with Groupize, TMCs can offer their clients access to advanced, user-friendly meeting planning tools, which can help them save time and money while ensuring that their meetings and events run smoothly. 

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